Sunday, August 13, 2006

New Works

People bought watercolors and wanted to take them home. At first I thought I would insist that the pieces remain throughout the show. Then the lightbulb went off--an opportunity to hang new works! Here are new works that will be hung this week at the show. Drop back in and check it out. (Note, no weekend hours: Open 9-12 & 3-6 M-W-F, 3-7 T-Th.)
The top picture is quite a departure for me, I really went "Van Gogh" with this and just let the paint rush around the paper. It is titled "Menage a Trois", price $200.00.
The bottom painting is a basket of hydrangeas, titled "Hydrangeas" (can't be creative every day...), priced at $75.00. You may ask why two pictures of a similar size have different is a direct function of the framing cost!

1 comment:

Linna said...

Love the the sunflowers water color! I like your vibrant palette. Congrats on a great opening! And thanks for posting the pics for us people from afar.