Friday, August 14, 2009

Brittany Coast

My art class is touring the world this year. Welcome to the Brittany coast. This was a great exercise in multiple building perspective and water reflections.

Scottish Loch

Look, Ma, my building has 2 sides! This painting provided practice on painting water, landscape perspective, and particularly architecture. Buildings have been a surprising challenge, I can't tell you how many one-sided and lop-sided buildings I have painted-me and Granny Moses, we're like this... This image pleased Tony, who is a stickler for horizon lines and dimensional houses.

Fresh Veg

Attack of the giant zuccini! Actually, this is an English market day, so we are viewing a "marrow" squash. I'm pretty pleased with the tomatoes in this picture. I painted the vegetable basket first, and then had to fill in the flowered background around the finished basket. Bad planning....